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The red-light district of Venice
Dad: I met your Mother in Venice...
Son: (please don't say in the Root Canal!)
Dad: ..in an area called the Root Canal
Son: aaaahhhhhh faaarrrrrkkkk
by Demi Wit October 19, 2006
When a man receives oral sex and while he lays on his partners head he spin like a top or a drill
Sean: can I give you a root canal?
Kato: I don't have the strength to spin but I'll give you one!
by Max PowerS July 21, 2013
A cover tune by an awful artist, or a cover so terribly done it si like going through dental surgery.
Listening to the Rod Stewart cover of Tom Waits's Downtown Train, is like having a Root Canal
by Blue Wooden Dog June 09, 2010
For a guy to recieve head and juice all in the partners mouth.
I just gave this one bitch a root canal like no otha foo'.
by Jaimey September 01, 2005