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verb To Ronnie Nader = To eat more than you can ever imagine.

noun The smartest person currently residing in the UAE. Absolutely perfect; he's the reflection of perfection.
He Ronnie Nadered all the food available in that restaurant. It was unbelievable!
by Kobe Bryant June 25, 2004

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ron ronster ronyboy outsugar dudeo khesse abouzeid noun verb
AKA Ronster, Ronyboy, Ron
Born on March 26th, 1987 in Montreal, Canada.

He lived there until the age of 5, then moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he still currently resides. He's known for his witty, somewhat lame jokes known as outsugars and for his unbelievable eating habits.

Favorite foods: Pizza, Hamburger.
None needed. ^ sums it all up perfectly.
by Rigor Mortis June 25, 2004