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a catch-all phrase for an English football manager who makes a comment in the media that makes themselves look like a bit of a fool.

it derives from a humourous incident when he received a prank phonecall whilst Rotherham manager claiming to be from the Ipswich chairman offering him the job. Ronni phoned 'Five Live' to tell them he was delighted - but the real Ipswich chairman confessed they had no intention of appointing the over-excitable scouser.
"did you hear Russell Slade's outburst on Radio Humberside last night? Absolutely hilairious. He totally Ronni Moore'd it!"
by StymieSi June 04, 2006

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es doin well wi oldham actaully so dont dis!!!!!!!!!
ronnie moores blue n white army!!!
by oldham fc 4 life April 08, 2005