A male who, because of his Asian back ground, is probably Metro and may or may not dress like the Japanese Raver kids. (see "Fruits" magazine.)

Ronin often carries a manpurse, although he'll probably refer to it as a "European carry-all". Ronin probably has a fondness for house music, Russian girls, Strippers, Russian Strippers and Sushi.

It would be unwise to taunt someone named, "Ronin". Because of his oddball name, he was probably forced into taking Karate, Judo, or Jui-Jitsu in order to keep from getting his a$$ kicked on a bi-weekly basis. ....Actually, this is true of anyone with an unusual name.

This person is also a demon in the sack.
That Russian Stripper wouldn't talk to Ronin because he was carrying a manpurse.
by Arizona Al February 22, 2010
A douchbag who thinks he's gods gift to airsoft, does not call his hits and partakes in homosexual behavior. Has hissy fits to event organizers when he loses.
boy we played against that airsoft team yesterday and they were a bunch of Ronin's.
by concerned airsofter April 23, 2010
japanese slang for a studnt who failed the college entrance exams
i feel bad for that third-year ronin
by toudai_ronin April 17, 2003
Japanese slag for someone who failed their college entrance exam at least once. See Love Hina
They're taking their exam tomorrow, they're 2nd-year ronins.
by Sashiro September 27, 2004
A typo for Robin. Makes an excellent nickname. Pronounced like Robin, only with an N.
Jen:"Hey ronin"
Jen:"I mean robin.... or do I?"
Robin:"You're going to call me ronin for the rest of my life, aren't you?"
Jen:"Yes I am."
by matchboxchik February 05, 2010
poster on the pantera bulletin board, known for his thread saving abilities and awesome picture threads
www.panterachat.com search ronin
by evil monkey January 09, 2005

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