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Irish for large penis, or as they like to say "Hung Like a Horse". in the olden days those in ireland possesing a "roney" were considered to be holy and their gift was considered to have been sculpted by the Gods.
Damn why Lebron James and every other black guy have roneys?
by bostoncelticsniggggerz123 December 29, 2011
When a male is feeling especially bold, full of himself, pumped up. Full of Testosterone. Manly Man. Sowing his oats.
Did you hear that guy's tires squeal? He must be feelin' roney tonight.
by spawnofearthboy April 09, 2009
Verb: taking it up the ass from a grosse pointe policeman while on your moped.
I saw this kid at a crime scene on Cadiex and Mack getting Roneyd to death.
by dallas white June 22, 2007