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Rondom is a word that can either be used in a negative or positive way. It is a variation of the word 'random' rooted by the way Ja'mie King uses it on "Summer Heights High" (a popular Australian comedy). Typically, it is used wherever the word random can be used. The word has been made international as well (it has been used in Italy and England most recently).
(to someone being weird) "you're being seriously rondom"
(to someone being funny) "your rondom"
(to someone being mean) "stop being rondom"
(while driving really fast) "RONDOMMMMM!!"
(in Spanish) "RONDOM UNO!!!!"
(at any given time) "RONDOMNESS"
(to someone acting depressed) "RONDOM EMO"
by rondomuno January 13, 2010
when someone (ramin) is being a dick or stuborn piece of shit we call them "rondom" (ramin + condom = rondom)
ramin didnt let me borrow a dollar so i exlcaimed "DAMN YOU RONDOM!"
by lolz April 30, 2004

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