One who will spoil plots and endings of movies.
Mike: " He just told me what happens at the end of Harry Potter"

Mark: "Ah, so he pulled a Ronan"
by Blinky19_2004 August 05, 2011
To get really drunk and throw up in a public place.
Man, last night I went out and got Ronaned.
by Mark Z April 26, 2005
Ronan, Its hard to achieve such a status. Basically being a wing man, for your pals. No matter how ugly or fat the friend is. Call Ronan, he'll fuck anything.

Also known for his 'patter'. And a strange ability to work his magic on all most any creature.
Friend chatting up a hot girl, fat friend comes out of no where. ( friend thinks to himself) Fuck what do i do? All phone Ronan..

"hay man theres this girl ehh.. and her friend"
Ronan : " Dont worry am on her"
by An Actual Ronan January 13, 2011
(noun) the act of hugging someone closely and creepily. its intent is to display affection but it really just turns out being uncomfortable for anyone watching (or in many cases, for the victim of the "ronan.")
a ronan is usually performed but behind, but many forms have derived from the original ronan (for example: the sidways ronan, the front ronan, the 360 ronan.)

(verb) "to ronan" is to perform the act of a ronan on someone, whether or not it is expected. one step below dry humping.
I feel so violated after the ronan that dude just gave me.
Dude: Can I ronan you?
Girl: Can I go throw up and die?
by i_like_turtles_muahahaha December 03, 2010

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