Eating a girl out while she is on her period.
My girlfriend is bleeding heavy this month, but I still gave her a Ronald McDonald.
by Grimmace and Hamburgler January 08, 2011
When a man performs oral sex on a woman experiencing her menstrual flow. The tip of the man's nose and the area around his mouth becomes covered with blood; thus resembling the face paint of famed clown Ronald McDonald.
"My girls on the rag, but I ended up giving her the Ronald McDonald."
by wrong is write December 19, 2009
It is a sexual act when a someone goes down on a girl during her menstrual cycle and when they come up they have red lips like Ronald McDonald
She was quite taken back when he finished giving her a Ronald McDonald
by Ska Cat January 22, 2010
Ah meat clown which appears in a lot of YouTube videos where he raises his/her arms and claps like a mentally chalenged idiot while he says things such as "Dew-dew" (repeated thousands of times) and "Mmmm!" (like saying, 'man, your dick is delllllliiiccious!'), always raising his arms. I think he tries to teach Chinese children to, somehow, order food. What a guy.
(See also: McRoll)
("The Fragance of Dark Meat Clowns")
("Some Random Ronald McDonalds Video")
You will see a lot more in the "Related" part.
by DeMatador May 29, 2008
Adolf Hitler in disguise...
Heil Hitler, i mean heil ronald
by yo-mom April 20, 2004
The look of a man's face after performing oral sex to a woman during her menstrual cycle.
That guy is so pussy whipped by his wife that he has to Ronald McDonald her to keep her happy when she's on the rag.
by Lickem Lo Bandito June 07, 2011
During the act of intercourse with a female, usually in the doggy style position, the male smashes a burger into the face of the female (generally overweight). The act is then topped off with a punch to the back of the head, a la the donkey punch.
I heard about this guy that Ronald McDonald'd this fat chick, used a big mac to do it. It was messy.
by thebigmac July 21, 2006

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