some freak that is the mascot of McDonalds
I wish the fat purple dude would sit on Ronald and squish him
by lunar shadows August 21, 2004
The look you achieve after performing oral sex on a woman while on her period.
by Ffej August 03, 2003
A child molester who loves fat kids to sit in his lap so he can get an erection and than he rapes them.
son, did that strange clown thouch you in your no-no spot?
by Melanthex March 28, 2005
said one of the funniest lines in family guy after he saw his daughter dressed like a slut because she had too much makeup on
go upstairs and change Lisa. You're a mc donald, not a whore.
by adrian October 16, 2004
A gay clown who makes out with little boys. Known to fart in public. One day will be fatter than China. He likes eating teenage women. Loves dolls!
He's such a Ronald McDonald.
by TEEKNS December 17, 2005
Commonly mistaken with the Hamburgler yet way more epic, the Ronald McDonald is when one recieves a blowjob from a girl without hooking up with her anytime before this encounter or even at all that night. A Ronald McDonald is often used when the girl is much too fugly to ever touch back.
Though Melissa resembled that of Rocky Dennis, Dan still received a Ronald McDonald knowing that he would not have to touch her and no one would find out.
by Rahdagh August 09, 2009
Pedifile, one who loves winkies
Ronald: Hi pedifile sue
sue bellanger hi ronald look its howard stern
howard stern i have child porn!
pedifiles yay
by Nick Bellanger December 08, 2003
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