Top Definition
getting diarrhea after consuming food at Mcdonald's
I got Ronald's revenge after eating that big Mac
by Frankie D, February 14, 2007
The upset stomach one gets after eating at McDonald's.
I just ate a Big Mac and have to run...I've got Ronald's Revenge!
by ToddXYZ August 08, 2014
1) noun - informal;
Diarrhea suffered after the consumption of McDonald's food.

**Term was created at the historical moment of 12:43pm EST on January 3, 2016 by J. Maran in a conversation with T. Velez about Mr. Velez not eating McDonald's any more.
"I ate a Big Mac and Fries earlier; now, I got a case of Ronald's Revenge."
by Spiderman is Gay April 14, 2016
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