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the only guy to ever stick his wand in Hermione Granger's cauldren
Ronald Weasley fucked the shit out of hermione granger
by Glennstar September 15, 2007
God of Sex.

Damn 20 letter minimum.
Ron Weasley may be a fictional characer, but he sure is orgasmic.
by Liv July 31, 2004
A fictional character in the series of books from J.K. Rowling that is the best friend of the protagonist "Harry Potter." Ron is played by the british actor Rupert Grint.
"Ron. Ron! Would u get of my arm?!"
by emily b June 06, 2004
Harry Potter's best friend. However, since the release of the Harry Potter movies most discussion that was about this character has turned to discussion about *Ronald's Weasel*.
cool_Chik1: Ronald Weasley is sooo hotttt!

cool_Chik2: Yeah! I want Ronald's Weasel!

cool_chik1: yeah!!!!!!!!
by Non Existant July 20, 2005
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