When a girl allows a guy to give her oral pleasure while on her period and he comes back up with red around his mouth.
" he got Ronald McDonald last night and he was pissed "
by Mind scramble January 16, 2015
During the act of intercourse with a female, usually in the doggy style position, the male smashes a burger into the face of the female (generally overweight). The act is then topped off with a punch to the back of the head, a la the donkey punch.
I heard about this guy that Ronald McDonald'd this fat chick, used a big mac to do it. It was messy.
by thebigmac July 21, 2006
the act of eating out a female when on the rag, usually ending in a bloody mess
i shined my headlights on my friend and caught him 'red handed' ronald mcdonalding some bitch
by sandi shit the pants June 10, 2009
After receiving an Angry Pirate, the female drops her panties, whips out her bloody tampon and slaps two red eyebrows on her unsuspecting suitor.
Fred couldn't wash the ronald mcdonald brows off his face, though he tried and tried.
by nellie1273 January 03, 2008
Women revenge for a Dirty Sanchez, formerly refered to as Red Wings.
To pay Rock back for the Dirty Sanchez, Mona left him with a Ronald McDonald after her went down on her and her "little friend".
by Immodest April 17, 2006
To cum all over a red-head's face.
Dude, last night I totally Ronald McDonalded Katie.
by Matthew Tyler April 04, 2008

Often referred to as a sexual maneuver in which the male has oral intercourse while driving with a woman while she is on her period. She then bleeds on his face, and then the female gives the male a handjob/blowjob until semenal excess is spewed on the males own face. Then he holds his head out the window while driving until it dries.
Shuo, you look like Mr. Stit just gave you a Ronald McDonald.
by Mr. Stit July 27, 2007
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