A butt raper.
A red-headed butt raper.
Who creeps little children out by stareing at them for long periods of time.
Child: *Intently stares upon redheaded freak*
Ronald McDonald:*Stares back*
Child: Mommy, Why doesn't he ever blink, see I can poke him in the eye and he doesn't do anything?.


"Honey stoping doing the Ronald McDonald stare.. Its scaring me.."
by Elise34364 August 20, 2008
Jesus Christ to Fat People and Kids
Satan to anyone smart
Ronald Mcdonald: hey kids!
Billy: Holy Motherfucking Tittyfucking Tentacle rape monster loving christ Its Ronald Mcdonald!
Mom: Billy! its time to go now!
Billy: Fuck off Mom. i don't need you anymore i got Ronald!
by yourmombitch69 October 03, 2009
a Ronald McDonald is when a guy eats a girl out on her period and gets a blood all around his mouth
Like Ronald McDonalds beard but blood
by I beat you April 16, 2007
The most horrifying person i've ever met.

Recently here in Indonesia they found one of the workers in McDonald's dressed like Ronald McDonald in the toilet, where he was sexually molesting a 7-year old girl.

For some very strange reason they do have security cameras in the toilets (i'm being 100% serious here), so everything, yes everything of the event got caught on tape.

I believe someone put up the video on the internet, however i can't seem to find it, so i guess they took it down.

Anyway, Ronald McDonald is the mascot of the McDonald's fast food chain. After the incident i stated above occured the parents of the 7-year old girl filed a lawsuit against Ronald (lol) and eventually they sued McDonald's Indonesia to pay 500,000 indonesian Rupiahs, which was around 1.500$ dollars (i think) back then.

Nowadays Ronald McDonald and the rest of the McDonaldland friends have been largely phased out, they still exist at the restaurants but you barely see them in the commercials anymore (Thank god, who knows what evil plans that child molester hides?).

With other words, never EVER become friends with Ronald McDonald, or he'll turn you into a cheeseburger for all the fat kids to eat and drool on. I'm being serious here!
The girl who was victim of getting molested by Ronald McDonald was traumatized for years.

She couldn't walk past a McDonald's restaurant without getting scared, she had a fear for being alone in the toilet and she overall was terrified of clowns. (This is actually not serious, but i can imagine she felt like that).
by Nangko January 04, 2012
(1.) Lovable mascot of the McDonald's fast-food restaurant chain. Fondly remembered for selflessly providing food and fun to thousands of squalling brats (myself included). Known to have had the Magic.

(2.) Quietly assassinated in 1997 by order of the Health Nazis. The incident was quickly hushed up and the clown replaced with an android replica, which was subsequently reprogrammed to advocate "healthy" activities in the hopes of pacifying Herr Nader.

(3.) Popular target of jokes which were never even remotely funny.
(1.) Yeah, I remember Ronald McDonald. Nice, good-natured guy, good with the kids. Could do some damn good party tricks, lemme tell ya...

(2.) Down with the Nanny-State! Up with personal accountability! Remember Ronald McDonald!

(3.) Ronld McDnld=p3d0! LOL!
by Christopher the 43rd October 24, 2007
1. An advertising symbol for the McDonald's corporation, consisting of a red-headed clown that is friendly to children.
2. What the Ronald McDonald House is named after.
3. A hate fetish for college age neo-Marxist fruitcakes. See "McSpotlight".
"Looks like the protestors broke into a McDonald's restaurant and hanged a Ronald McDonald statue from a tree again."
by DrCruel December 28, 2005
Where you have oral sex (eat out) a girl while she is on her period.
Dude, I totally gave that chick a Ronald McDonald last night.oralsexeatoutperiod
by xxdiexalonexx March 05, 2010
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