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Soon to be the 44th President of the United States
Look it is Ron Paul.
by JESUS WALDO December 09, 2007
A Republican Congressman from Texas. Notable for his Austrian economic views and isolationist foreign policy. Less publically noted, but just as common in his speeches, is his "strict Constitutinalism". If the Constitution doesn't explicitly say the federal government can do something, the federal government can't do it unless Constitutionally amended.

Pros-Charismatic, admittedly principled. During his career as a Congressman Paul has scantly ever changed his position on most issues. Holds the distinction of having been the lone dissident on more votes in the US Congress than virtually all other sitting Congressman combined.

Cons-The term radical puts it softly. Paul wants to abolish, among other federal programs, the IRS, all federal departments except the Department of Justice, Defence, Commerce, and State, the Federal Reserve, and fiat currency. He opposes all federal drug laws, all business regulation except common Criminal Code offences, all foreign aid, most if not all social assistance, and all anti-discrimination legislation. He supports pulling out all American bases around the world, and opposes US participation in NATO, the WTO, IMF, and World Bank, and the United Nations. Would not have intervened in virtually every American war, including World War II and the American Civil War.

Also has a more than slighly suspect history of printing obscenely racist and homophobic articles.

There is also a significant conspiracy minded mentality amongst his supporters.
Ron Paul is a principled but radical Republican Congressman.
by ThomasvonPaul October 09, 2012
If God will give a damn about now-relapsing America, one man chosen will wield Holy Blade, endowed by the Higher One, to strike down against all injustice politics and rooted America back to Constitution, and it will be HIM, Ron Paul.
Can't wait to see Ron Paul's Judgement Day, where all half-brain administration will be purged.
by Ronthebest1 September 16, 2011
The last hope for America. The only politician who actually gives a rat's ass about the Constitution.
If Ron Paul existed during the American Revolution, he would easily become one of the founding fathers.
by david smith, jr. February 05, 2008
Anarchist who doesn't care whether extremist Islamic fundamentalists take over America or not
Ron Paul "Revolution"
by NGD_OMEGA October 27, 2007