Republican candidate that gon legalize medical marijuana
Boy 1: I'm finna vote for Ron paul
Boy 2: what for Jimmy
Boy 1: He gon get us that pot!
Boy 2: Ron gettin faded!!
by YoUNg MoNeY SwAGg Tre January 04, 2012
is an American drag performer, dance music singer, actor, and songwriter who gained worldwide fame in the 1990s; appearing in a wide variety of television programs, films, and musical albums. Though a catty attitude is often associated with drag queens, Ron Paul intentionally displayed a "love one another" attitude to be set apart from them. Although primarily known for an extravagant drag queen persona, Ron Paul has performed as a man in a number of roles, usually billed as Dr. Ron Paul.
"Ron Paul is a famous American entertainer who brings joy to everyone with his flamboyancy. He has also delivered twenty thousand babies."
by Freedom is Popular November 15, 2007
a word to yell when someone is tagged in man hunt
jeremy: "RON PAUL"
*everyone comes out of hiding*
adam: "who's it?"
by unruh January 06, 2008
I can't remember the last time a US presidential candidate (or British MP for that matter) looked so good. He's got more bottom than all the rest of those opportunistic hack nobodies combined. American non-voters don't have any excuse this time. You get to choose between him, some compromised douchebag like Giuliani and oblivion under the unspeakable Hilary Clinton.
That bastard wouldn't let me in to vote for Ron Paul. Some bollocks about not being a US citizen.
by Lord Grimcock September 06, 2007
probably a o.k guy. but has as much chance of being elected president as i do.
your voting for ron paul? go ahead, throw your vote away.
by biffStu February 11, 2008
Magneto, the character from X-men!
William: Hey Jeff doesn't Ron Paul look really familar?
Jeff: Yeah, that's because he is actually Mangneto...
by chocolate reign November 13, 2007
synonymous with gay sex; also a term to yell after someone is tagged in manhunt
jeremy: "RON PAUL"
*everyone comes out of hiding*
adam: "who's it?"
by unruh January 06, 2008

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