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Ron Jeremy is much more than the most famous modern male porn star. And there is more to him than his average looks and enormous phallus.

- In addition to the near-countless number of pornographic films he has appeared in, he has also acted in a number of low-budget camp and horror movies (Orgazmo, Terror Firmer, Andre the Butcher, and many others)
- A documentary was made about him, titled simply "Pornstar"
- He has participated in many public debates about pornography, gaining notoriety for his surprisingly well-formed, well-articulated, and well-supported arguments.
- He is in fact about to auto-fellate.
- He has appeared in a number of commercials.
- Performed a rap cameo on stage with Kid Rock
- Noted for an acting ability that outstrips that of most pornstars.
- Nicknamed "The Hedgehog"
There are also rumors that Ron Jeremy has a master's degree in special education.
by the letter d August 08, 2007
God bless Ron Jeremy! You know if he wasn't a porn star, he couldn't get laid without paying for it! And the only reason he's a porn star is because he is blesse with a 10-inch schlong!
I walked in on your sister getting fucked doggystyle by Ron Jeremy!
by Nate June 13, 2003
A once forest troll going after the american dream, who then became a pornstar. The ugliest mother fucker around, but apparently has a huge wang. A true american hero.
Ron Jeremy could be your father.
by Crackity Crack Crackers July 10, 2008
A Guy that can suck his own dick. Ron Jeremy did it in a hammock in an old porn video!
Hadi hurt his back trying to pull off a Ron Jeremy.
by Paul in Dubai November 10, 2008
A pot-bellied, butt-ugly Jewish guy with a huge penis (around 9 “real” – not AOL inches) who was a porn superstar during the 1970s and ‘80s urban “grindhouse” heyday. He was ugly enough every man in American likely to venture into a seedy, semen-stained pre-internet porno theater could identify with him, and his freakish endowment provided the necessary vicarious fantasy fulfillment the less endowed, but likely pot-bellied, audience sought. Unlike the cadaverously creepy John Holmes, he survived the “AIDS eighties” and is still active in the industry as a producer, director, and (believe it or not) occasional actor. One of his more recent “starring” roles was in a film entitled, appropriately, “One Eyed Monster.”
I showed this girl I am interested in a face and body photo of Ron Jeremy alongside a close up shot of my fully erect 5.5 inch penis, and to my utter dismay, she told me she would rather go to bed with me.
by A. Hick November 23, 2009
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