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A Ron Burgundy-ism is an exclamation, an exclamation, used by San Diego's own, svelte and classy anchorman, Ron Burgundy.
"Is that a Ron Burgundy-ism on your shirt?"
"By the beard of Zeus, it is!"

"Children, grow up."
"Son of a bee-sting! She's turning the entire office against us!

"Who is that?"
Uncle Jonathan's corn-cob pipe! It's Darlene from high school!"

"I shall now throw this shoe in your general direction."
"Knights of Columbus, that hurt!"

"Your house caught on fire this afternoon, sir."
"Oh, Uncle Jonathan's corn-cob pipe! Sweet grandmother's spatula! Oh, Saint Damien's beard! Hot pot of coffee! Sweet Lincoln's mullet!"

"Don't put your hand on the stove!"
Spider-Man's balls, that would've hurt!
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by crystal0615 January 15, 2009
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