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Romsey: Official Epicentre for Inbreeding in Southern Britain.

Romsey: Old English(Saxon), Rumsie' meaning Piss- Head in breed Drug user.

Location. Nr Southampton, now a landfill site for low level toxic waste. Still inhabited by local Mongers / and Chav inbreeds.

Dialect: monosyllabic grunts, belching, farting.

Reason for existing: None.

Population: 8,000... all related

Drugs: Prevalent.
Visitor: 'Hello are you from around here? Where can I find the Abbey?

Romsey Plankton: 'Unghhh Urghhhh mmmnpppff (trans: I need drugs).'

Visitor: 'Oh I see you are retarded, perhaps your sister/mother/ wife can help?'

Romsey Slut: 'MMMMnnnngwaaarrrr,,, ugn UgnUGN... Giro?'
( Can you sign my Giro?).
by jdm8080 November 13, 2009

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