The act of forgetting a statement or belief that you had previously expressed the opposite point of view with regards to.
Bob has Romnesia. He was for that before he was against it
by Tom Legals July 19, 2012
A selective memory that mimics the behavior of a magic eight ball.
Mr. Highnmighty seems to have romnesia. He seems to be picking random answers to the debate out of his hind side.
by kgrr October 19, 2012
Flowing with the wind... talk a different story to different group of audience...

Inspired by Flipflop Romney Liar..
Watch Mitt Romney's "romnesia" speeches to different audiences at different time periods.... including his debates with Pres Obama.
by Leong388 October 20, 2012
A condition of convenient memory loss that affects political candidates at election time. This is an chronic condition stemming from being an incurable asshole or insufferable idiot but one can still seek treatment since ObamaCare covers pre-existing conditions such as this.
Warning from the Surgeon General:

Romnesia is an unfortunate, chronic condition affecting 9 out of 10 politicians during election campaigns

Symptoms are: forgetting one's original political stances, pandering, short-term memory loss, long-term memory loss, voter confusion, flip-flopping, plagerizing others' ideas and speaking in Palin-dromes. Symptoms maybe be exacerbated when addressing crowds, during televised interviews or debating.
by Tenacious Faulker October 26, 2012
A Side effect of Being a Republican Douchebag.
He developed romnesia after becoming a republican.
by jstuad October 30, 2012
noun - a condition in which an intelligent and competent candidate gets elected and helps you forget four (4) years of ineffective and defective “leadership”.
"Wow! My life is great now that... that... that... what was his name? is no longer president. Thank goodness for my Romnesia!
by Mister Xena October 21, 2012

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