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Last name of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. One of the most famous german generals in ww2, he led the famed Afrika Korps in victories against the British. After the fall of Afrika, Rommel left to France and built the Atlantic Wall. Shortly after Operation OVerlord Rommel was convicted of conspiring to kill hitler in the june 1944 plot and forced to kill himself.
Rommel, the DesertFox, was greatly feared by the Allies as a great military genius
by Desertfox November 10, 2003
Dutch for garbage/junk/things you don't need
dutch: Er ligt veel rommel op je kamer!
english: There's a lot of junk in your room
by dutchdude February 10, 2004
The sadistic, gay sidekick of Gipson. Takes over as main bad guy of Zopilote Travels. He tries to pursue ran and blues so he can stop them from getting to the President, but he always fails in some way.
Rommel almost had ran and blues until the Midnight Thunder Ladies beat up him and Honoria.
by RatchetBoo May 15, 2003

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