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as a so called 'greebo' by the person mentioned above, i would also stand up for romford and for the 'greebos', we really arnt the ones lowering the tone of the place...or the ones slagging it off (there are far worse places in essex!)
...r.i.p. secrets....
by Trig March 03, 2005
I beilieve the above people are complete and utter w*ankers. You can all f*ck right off. Romford is a town maybe overrun by rudies but its got more cultures than your sh*tholes. No more nob head greebos/goths/grungers leaving thier opinion on this legend of an area. An as for gettin stabbed the people gettin done are probly askin 4 it
Romford is well alright
by Catman June 18, 2004
The epicentre of the UK chav explosion.
"Why don't you piss off back to Romford where you belong?" - Duane Benzie, SPaced series 2
by OD Smith January 31, 2009