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The point in a conversation of any topic where Zombies or the Undead are brought up. Similar to Godwin's Law, in that, whomever brings up Zombies has automatically lost the argument.
Original Post: "I have a question for you all. When recruiting/interviewing/hiring how do you rank qualities/qualifications of a candidate?"

Response: "I use one based on an old example of a previous work situation, but I leave out the names of clients. Then ask them how they would go about solving it. There is one that I'd like to use to test a persons character and reaction by throwing in something totally random to find out what they would say. Like, there's news that a zombie outbreak has happened in the city, what would you do next?. Something like that would open up a persons true character, but I'm not brave enough to bring that up, maybe you should and tell us how it goes ;D"

The response invoked Romero's Law
by Master Dingo October 05, 2011

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