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To perform fellatio or cunnilingus in an effort to secure favors or favorable treatment.
"Did you see the gymnastics judging? Somebody must've been doing the old Romanian handshake to get the scores that high."
by Vlad the Impaler August 25, 2004
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10 american "dudes" sucking 1 big romanian cock
Bob and his friends are sucking Mihai`s cock...they are giveing him a Romanian Handshake
by MihaiMihai August 23, 2006
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To fuck a pregnant woman, and the fetus gives you a blow job.
Dude, bonus points if you get twins!
by jack November 24, 2003
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A required ceremonial religious gathering of a hoard of Romanians convening at the local town hall, church, or highest court, getting cock smacked and mushroom stamped by an American who hates Romanians, and their piece of shit toiletpaper of a flag, and their faggot country, and their apparent need for male buttsex daisychains with each other, along with their odd obsession for Whitney Houston and ass ramming their closest of kin while the approved american dirty sanchezes the president of romania... And his mom... Because they all eat cock... You also eat cock for reading this. You fucking romanian. Unless you are the approved american who is doing the cock slapping of those widows peaked, fang tooth, drag queen, vampire whores. O'Doyle Rules(!) and so does america, you fucking sheep fucking fags. Baaaahhh means no in any language you sick, eastern european, disrespectful, rectal ranger, ass ramming, shitty car driving, dumbass mother fuckers!!! Go back to your shitstain of a country, faggot!
"C'mere, you non-showering, over cologne wearing, sweatshop-working, gypo, pinko-commie, pasty bastard of a INCESTUOUS shitstain on your mama's leg! I don't care if you're the FUCKING PRESIDENT of ROMANIA, cuz' YER' GETTING A "DIRTY SANCHEZ, while yer mom's gettin' an ENEMA! Now, sit the fuck down, while your buttpirate Romanian countrymen get "THE ROMANIAN HANDSHAKE!"

by One of MANY Americans! November 25, 2006
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