A person who is always tired
You look like a Romane today...You should have some sleep!
by sophiejohnson February 22, 2011
Top Definition
Smartest, coolest, most gorgeous girl on the planet...best sister in the WHOLE wide world....absolutely amazeballs...a person with sickest dance moves ...someone you will never forget...oh... And healthy and frustrating too.
Romane eats apples for dinner.
by chigirlies March 07, 2013
A bum who craps in his pants all day. They normally have an instinct to grow giant mohawks on their heads, then decide to cut it off and feed it to their goats. They really like Krispy Kreme and other stupid things. They really enjoy Lil B, Cheese, and Rio Rose. They are very weird
Girl 1: Hey, is that Romane?
Boy 1: HE GAY!

Girl 2: Yea, he dated Samson
Boy 1: HE GAY!
by Ramone Yo December 13, 2012
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