The wafting of a fart from under a sheet into the greater area of a room. Differs from a Dutch oven in that forcible restraint by the farter is unnecessary. Orgins stem from the lack luster Carey Grant movie and the general stinkiness of Rome as a city.
I knew she was the girl for me when she gave me a Roman holiday after our first date!
So, I went to give her a Roman holiday, and there, under the sheets was a big puddle of shit.
by Prettiestpenny February 01, 2007
Top Definition
An instance in which someone experiences enjoyment on account of someone else's suffering. The expression, first used in this sense in Byron's "Childe Harold," derives from the fact that the Roman Empire frequently proclaimed work-free days on which to hold gladiatorial games. "Roman holiday" can function as a loose equivalent of the German term Schadenfreude, which also means pleasure derived from another person's misfortune.
When he had to enter rehab himself, he realized that his mockery of Rush Limbaugh's painkiller addiction ultimately amounted to nothing more than a petty Roman holiday.
by Samuel Sundquist March 11, 2008
To partake in things that are against strict roman catholic ideals such as homosexuality, bisexuality, partying, getting drunk, ect. Usually equated to freedom in those who don't partake in the religion.
We need to have fun on a Roman Holiday.
by undercutboxer March 26, 2016
A Roman Holiday is when someone decides to take a break from their usual lifestyle as a Roman Catholic to see what they have been missing out on. Common reasons for taking such a holiday would be so the person could practice promiscuity, bisexuality, homosexuality, use contraception without judgement, partake in orgies, sex rites and rituals, goddess worship, experiment with illegal drugs and so forth. Similar to the Amish idea of the 'devils playground'.
I'm taking a Roman Holiday because I'm sick of being judged by all those conservative Catholics who are squares.
by Buzz Gunz February 21, 2012
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