1. When two people 69 underneath bed sheets, ideally white ones that resemble a traditional Roman toga, while each one holds a can of Red Bull or similar energy drink in one hand and slams it.
Friend #1: How did your night go with your new lady-friend Tanya, (or if talking to a woman, your new guy-friend Steve)?

Me: Wowwwww, Tanya/Steve and I Roman Turbocharged last night under the sheets, it was sooooo intense!

Friend #1: Please tell me more about this Roman Turbocharger you speak of!

Me: Basically, we got under the sheets, 69'ed, and slammed Red Bull!

Friend #1: Wow, sounds awesome, I will definitely be trying that next time I'm with my GF/BF!!
by Bill Sportz February 14, 2013

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