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Really, an oval red fruit but, he is also a really fat orange cat.
Roma Tomato, get out of my room!
#cat #tomato #romatomatoe #fluffy #red
by Storm Chasers January 05, 2011
Originated from Borat's hate for gypsies, Roma Tomatoes describes the condition of a pack of gypsies after Borat has driven through them with an H2 Hummer. 'Roma' refers to the gypsy ethnicity and 'Tomatoes' to what they look like after the 35MPH hit.
Damn Borat, you made some friggin Roma Tomatoes on Main Street with your Hummer there kid!
#gypsies #roma #tsiganes. gypsy #thieves #borat
by The Manster April 30, 2007
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