Roller Blades, Roller Skates, Aggressive Skates, ect
Gonna strap on my rollies and hit up the skate park
by Rock Village Skate February 05, 2010
A well known japanese rock star known for his outragious costumes and performances.
My sister flew all the way to Japan to see Rolly perform!
by doodeoo August 21, 2006
yummy ecstasy pills!
whats really good with the rollies
by angryhippie September 08, 2005
a ready to roll rolling paper, duh!
sup, y'all got a rolly? cool.
by Rolly1 November 17, 2004
a slim smart cute ass mofo with a brownish hair who can dance hip hop.
Damn! That dude is rolly!
by bot December 29, 2004
a phat kid who is hip hop and happenin
by Rolly April 02, 2003
benny boy
by rollando ocker-us May 20, 2003

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