Getting drunk on a party bus to the point of blackout, then acting ridiculous by walking up and down the aisle, yelling things at people, trying to sit on everyone, and just being all-around belligerent. A rolling blackout is best performed on a Sunday afternoon with a drinking partner of equal drinking capabilities. It is also recommended to reach blackout state through utilization of handle pulls of hard alcohol and chasing with a light beer.
The rolling blackout on the way back from Vegas was sick.
by hayzd and confused April 07, 2011
Top Definition
Unlike the typical blackout that occurs after a hard night of drinking where you can't remember things you did the night before; "rolling blackouts" occur in real-time throughout the actual night of drinking.
George was so fucked up last night that he was having "Rolling Blackouts", he kept asking when we were going to order dinner after we had already ordered and eaten. Then he got upset when dessert came saying, "this is interesting, dessert BEFORE dinner!"
by RonTulumMexico April 13, 2009
intoxication to a point wherein only certain points of the evening are recalled.
Last night was wild I had rolling black outs between bruno's and la rocca's.
by townsington December 08, 2006
Having hangovers every day for a long period of time. A symptom of an alcoholic lifestyle.
Iv'e been having rolling blackouts, I really meed to get my life together and stop drinking so much.
by Luverne April 25, 2016
Being blackout drunk, and then proceeding to take ecstacy. Side effects may include - Bisexual encounters, making an absolute fool of yourself, taking off clothes, dancing, vomiting, dehydration, orgies, smoking a lot of cigarettes, regretable decisions/hookups, etc.
Friend: Dude you were a rolling blackout last night... you made out with 2 chicks and a dude at the same time...
Me: What!?!

Friend: Ya man you took a G's up Hoe's down last night when we got to the club...don't you remember?
Me: Naw man i was blackout drunk by the time we got there.
by OnMyLevel March 12, 2011
Drinking alcohol while riding in a vehicle, preferably a party bus, to the point of blackout. This is best performed with at least one drinking partner of equal drinking capabilities. The preferred method of achieving blackout is taking handle pulls of hard alcohol and chasing with the light beer of your choice. Warning: you may severely annoy other passengers on the vehicle.
Want to have a rolling blackout with me on the way back from Vegas?

I had a rolling blackout last night on the bus.
by USC Frater April 13, 2011
When you've had so much to drink in a very short timeframe that the normal line that you've learned is your stopping point becomes so blurred, you roll seamlessly into a blackout. This occurs generally when in a large group of friends that enjoy buying shot after beautiful shot, does just that.
Wow, this is great I don't feel a thhhhhhhaaaaaannnggggphfffff, rolling blackout,
by Michabelle11 December 08, 2010
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