A person who does ecstacy, or is on ecstacy
D: I was rolling so hard last night!
Me: I know! you were a little rollie pollie.
by rolliepollie3 March 03, 2009
Top Definition
The product of a dislodged dingleberry rolling around in ones undergarments or down their pant leg, very similar to the insect from which it derives its name.
Hold up, I need to make an adjustment. I have a rollie pollie creepin' around near my skidmark.
by Derp McDerpington November 02, 2011
A fat chick or fat dude, visual reference to the potatoe bug, that rolls itself into a ball when touched/attacked
Shut up fat fuck....rollie pollie looking mua fucka!
by Bruce Da Truth August 08, 2006
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