A chick who puts her pussy on a guys face and rubs up and down and drags it side to side and maybe a pelvis pop or 2.
Cole: Damn that chick gave me a
roller coaster all over my face.

Diddy: Nuh uh, don't lie.

Green Haired Chick: Yeah I did.
by Dick and role April 29, 2009
to have sex with a girl from behind while her head facing down towards the bottom of the stairs, you then proceed to punch her in the head and ride her all the way down to the bottom of said stairs.
I rode her all the way to the bottom of the roller coaster!

There once was a guy from Bel-air
who was doing his girl on the stairs
the banister broke
so he quickened his stroke
and finished her off in mid-air!
by diederbt March 06, 2008
While a girl is giving you a blowjob, you throw both your hands in the air, and slap the girl in the face with your balls.
Last night I gave that skank the roller coaster and ended up getting my left nut stuck in her eye socket.
by Johnny Longhammer May 15, 2008
a marijuana joint laced with cocaine
hey i gottan qp and an 8 lets roll rollercoasters.
by steve-O April 07, 2005
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