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A rather new avatar and role-playing community that emphasizes literacy and friendships between users. The community is filled with friendly moderators and administrators who also helpful.

The Forum was created on phpBB forums, a forum hosting site that many sites run off of, on May 16th 2007.

Unfortunately, the site has been attack several times in the past by flamers and one hacker, all claiming that they were "ripping off" either Gaia or other avatar communities without doing research into where the boards were being hosted.
Roliana is such a friendly place to go and talk to people!
by Dusksong March 16, 2008
Roliana is a forum-based avatar and role playing site.
With the emphasis on Literacy and friendly conversation it has become a very popular destination for people fed up with other types of communities.

Because of this, it has had to put up with accusations, mainly from Gaia Online users that it is a rip-off. The two sites use the same type of software phpBB including smilies that come as default with this software. The fact that Gaia Online wasn't the first site of this kind also escapes them.
Roliana A friendly Literate Community
by Keepclear March 18, 2008
A cheap knock-off of Gaia Online,with games like Neopets,a layout fit for a toddler's learning game,monthly collectibles and their own GD(The GC),and grammar nazi mods who ban you for bad grammar(It says this is the rules),and are trying to use scare-tactics with Gaia.All attempts are futile as another raid by the General Discussion will commence shortly.
"Ohmygosh,I love Roliana,which reminds me of gaia,but better!The mods ban you for just mentioning it,or even just for posting a topic!"
by Red Panda March 04, 2008

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