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The definition of rolando is the coolest kid that you can hope to meet and just the sexiest..His large dick will pleasure any girls pussy. hes known around for having a charming way with the ladies.
person 1: Hey last night i hung out with ma boyfriend he had a large rolando
Person 2: I know what you meen i love me some rolando
by who_Mike_jones_2.0 March 13, 2009
He's the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.

Loving and caring.

And a trustworthy boyfriend.

The moment you see him your heart will bust open.

Every girl would love to have him and keep him FOREVER!

No words can explain how he is with you.

Don't never fuck with a Rolando.

Love him and treasure him forever.
Girl: Your going out with him?

Other girl: Yes,He's so sweet to me and loving and caring

Girl: He's definitely a Rolando

Other Girl:Yeah
by COSITA69 October 03, 2011
a name for a mythological beast trapped in a human body, loves the taste of blood, especially blood of the opposite sex of a human. it is said nothing can tame it.
it is said to be in relation to Nosterafu
oh damn, look at that, i think he's a Rolando,

ow, why you bite me, stop acting like a Rolando.

by tsunami54 February 11, 2009
A reliable space wizard that uses magical powers to get his team further in gamebattles playing Halo 3. He will have a peanut butter castle in his basement filled with flesh eating mop buckets. Inside his caslte he saved MIchael Jordan from scary baseball equipment, A Rolando is a beast.
Guy 1) Damn those guys on Halo are good.
Guy 2) They must be Rolandos.
by JoyCock25 September 08, 2008
Rolando a sweet, loving ,caring, and honest He is a good boy and when you meet him your heart wi make room for one more person he is someone with caring he knows how to make you smile when you need too. He is always there for you.
Rolando is the sweetest kid alive
by KKJen9256! May 19, 2016
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