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A crappy Japanese company that manufactures keyboards, drum machines, guitar effects, electronic drums, DJ gear, recording products, etc. Known for making cheap unreliable products that are marketed as having "groundbreaking" and "revolutionary" new features that rival companies have had for years (and at much lower prices). Used to make some great products (TR-808, 909, Juno series, SH-101), but their stuff has turned to cheap plasticky shit.
Person 1: "Dude, my keyboard's dead!"
Person 2: "Lemme guess, it's a Roland"
Person 1: "Yeah...maybe I'll go buy a new Fantom X8 to replace it!"
Person 2: "Haven't you already learned your lesson?!?!?! Go get a Nord."
by jimbob8353 November 29, 2010
32 56
Victoria's bitch. And love of her life.
I can't get my homework done because my Roland is here distracting me.
by Dorcan February 25, 2010
52 76
a song by interpol, it used to be my fav song until i heard cursive, islands, and the kooks. interpol's pretty good though.
"roland was a butcher he had 16 knives"
-roland, by interpol
by nycl17 May 12, 2007
58 99
when one is high grab and twist balls the person should moan like a whale.
Dude please dont Roland me when i get high at that party today
by kietero September 10, 2008
76 130
1. A french inventor

2. Someone who redefines SUPER GAY.
1. Roland invented the Driveler

2. OMG dont be a Roland!
by Kathilatin September 09, 2006
100 254