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A Rojob is the act of cupping the male gentalia from behind and between the male victims legs and lifting them at least half a foot off the ground.

Origins: The Rojob originated between some gender confused males looking for a way to get their rocks off. First performed by Rowan Wall-Corrie (hense Rojob).
Rowan Rojobed Baz so hard that his testicles assended into his stomach.

Give me the money or you'll get a good hard Rojobing.
by The Rojobers September 03, 2010
13 1
A blow job preformed by a robot.
Jocko: "Yo bro, my bitch can't suck dick to save her life."

Jacko: "Dude, get a rojob. It's satisfaction without the genes attached."

Jocko: "Word."
by minxy manor August 28, 2009
2 3
When a hispanic man sucks another man's dick.
He got a rojob from that manwhore over there.
by bball60 October 12, 2006
4 6