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a name for a persian girl. really pretty with a nice body. long hair. all the guys are after her. she doesnt play nice with others.
girl1: omg have you seen rojan today?
girl2:uhmm yehh wow did you see her body in those shorts?
girl1: yeah and i called her a slut
girl2: what did she do?
girl1: she just said i was jealous and she slapped me.
girl2: yeah she doesnt play nice im not surprised.
by andy453424556 March 12, 2010
a persian girl with very big lips, model like. super hot. she breaks hearts.
guy1: damnnn wheres rojan from?
guy2: persia DUH.
guy1: shes looking pretty good.
guy2: yeah but dont mess with her she'll fuck yo ass up.
guy3: really?
guy1: yeah shes a heart breaker.
guy1: but she is still pretty hot.
by andy456456 March 12, 2010
A Jewish female. A Jewish woman with greedy intentions.
This girl is such a Rojan!
by Patricia1 February 22, 2010
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