someone who goes to the gym but instead of working out looks at all the other hunks and wishes he was them or getting into them
check coleman out (aka christian), hes that pumped up he looks like jay jones, he goes in some right moods, must be suffering from roid rage
by legend13 April 30, 2010
An egregious condition in steroid users that when exhibited causes a dangerous loss of perspective.
As reported in the New York Times, the former best friend and business partner of Barry Bonds, Steve Hoskins, has told federal investigators that Bonds, who hit a record 73 home runs in 2001 and has 720 career homers, trailing Hank AAron's 755, was a heavy steroid user and flew into "roid rages," which affected their relationship. Hoskins told Barry's father, " You better get Barry off steroids because it's going to kill him."
by Donald Marks July 13, 2006
When your hemorrhoids become so inflamed that you they make you angry and usually unable to sit.
Tom's been marching around shouting at everyone all day. He must have a serious case of roid rage.
by Mikey The Comic October 26, 2008
Alias of a legendary Soldier of Fortune 2 player, renowned for his pair of CAL rings (and how much he brags about them).

Nowadays is a mediocre player, often blaming deaths on lag, crappy team, bad map, bad coding, collision coding, cowardly play by opponents, etc etc... (this behavior has been named "pulling a roid rage")
Everyone : God damn Roid needs to shut up about his rings

//Roid Rage has been sliced by tinamatic
Roid Rage : OMG, gg collision coding
tinamatic : gg crying, pwnt.

by tacpvanilla July 10, 2008
A very angry irrational hater, who claims inferior technology is superior. Jumps on every reviews comments section with stupid comments about how much better things are that don’t work properly (many are paid to do this).

Acts like they have been taking steroids and get so angry you can see the veins pop-up on their neck as they type their bullshit.

Normally start the comment with 'I hate Apple', and end with Android is so innovative, but can't name one single innovation.

Has a blindness to their piss poor SMS implementation and layout copied from Symbian. Doesn't wonder why Android dropped its G1 interface in favour of copying Apples iPhone.
“Boy, that comment is so irrational. They need to claim down and grow-up. Why do they claim worst is better?”

“It’s some bozo with Roid Rage, let them keep their poor replicants of a iPhone”.

“Do you think Android pay them to say such stuff, or have they just been feed misinformation and never bothered to check the facts?”

“Both, the worst thing is that Google are taking the piss out of them by calling it Android and Nexus, a replicant with a very limited lifespan.”
by Bitches say... November 02, 2013
Going retardedly denz.
He was so denz that he we was all roid rage.
by J-Weezy May 01, 2006
Wanting to throw your Android device at the wall because it has never performed the way your Apple or Windows device did.
Anne: Ugghhhhhh! My Samsung phone is frozen and won't let me text, AGAIN! I hate this thing. What a waste of money!

Jimmy: Anne, it sounds like you've got a bad case of roid rage. Maybe you should have gotten an iPhone.
by StupidYouInAShoe March 08, 2014

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