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a man defined by his keen intelligence and suave abilities with the ladies who can not resist his temptation to be such a player
The guy that I saw at the party yesterday is such a Rohin.
by Kenny Chestnut August 08, 2006
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a chimpo dat listens 2 everytin the liccle PIMP
100 galz, 1 boi... drs ROHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
to correct someone; usually a repeated action
In math class Alex pulled a rohin on Mrs. Smith.

Sam pulled a rohin on me when i accidentaly wrote pie instead of pi
by CaNaNaDa 1337 March 14, 2014
Man of Rohirrim; Horse breeder
"Not alone. Man of Rohin; Rohirrim, to the king!!!".
by Amon Ra February 08, 2005

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