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Rogo is an old Italian word that hasn't been used for centuries. It is said to be a person who is very popular and cool and who likes to fuck hot chicks.
That fuckin Rogo had a one night stand with my girlfriend.
by Its a me, Mario! January 14, 2010
A word that is never spelled correctly. If given as a last name, it will cause must frustration amongst lumberjack redheads.
Benita Rogos, the redheaded wonder flipped out when her last name was spelled wrong again. "ITS FREAKING ROGOS!" she cried. "NOT ROJAS, NOT RAGASS, NOT ROGOSO".
by Regina Phalange XD September 27, 2009
verb; to break someone's face with a kick while they are helpless on the ground

noun; dick that takes cheap shots in a fight
#1 dude! did you see that?

#2 see what?

#1 that guy got rogoed when he was trying to get up.

#1 wow, what a rogo.
by mr. jones jr April 18, 2011