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When the use of neither lol, or roflol is enough, that is why god created roflolsubpaom. its is a very long and annoying response to anyone you are texting/, and odds are, they wont get it, but thats okay! because you can leave a winner in your own mind. It means:

Rolling On Floor, Laughing Out Loud, Spitting Up Blood, Puking All Over Myself
Jeff- "Did you do your calculus homework?"
Carl- "Yeah! but it was sooo long! it took me forever to do!"
Jeff- "thats what she said"
Carl- "roflolsubpaom"
Jeff- "What the...?"
Carl- "Nvm g2g ttyl k bye ily jk lol <3 c ya"
Jeff- "okay... damn druggies"

(except in this case, roflolsubpaom does not apply, because the joke wasnt funny in the least)
by Emcee McRazzle November 03, 2009
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