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A Rofling Lobster, or a Lobster made out of Rofl's, or an extremely skilled player, or a term to use when something funny is said.

Invented by a great FPSer that was sick of being called a hacker, he invented it for all great players alike
1.John:Hear about the the tree on the news today

by Razor_Raz September 26, 2006
1.The mysterious creature that appears when a funny, and often times ironic, event is about to occur.
Jimmy was very worried while sniping in Halo, because it left his backside open to attacks. To solve this, he turned around often. He saw the ROFL Lobster, and interested, stopped to get a good look at it. He was shot from behind.
by Colt Jonson August 13, 2008
A creature of great destruction that assits in the pwning of no0bs. Also likes to fly roflcopters while eating awesomesauce. Likes to wear lolerskates.
No0b1: wtf was that? i got hit for like 10k dmg!

ElitistJerk: you got pwned by the rofllobster, no0b!
by Rofllobster August 04, 2008
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