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A big dog that moves anything in its way. Like tables,chairs,boxes,or even cords to game systems.
You can tell what path the Rofl dog took by the flipped over chairs and tables.
by a7789 March 07, 2009
One who hates LOLCats.
Person1: Look at this cute picture of kitties speeching all badly and stuff!

Person2: Kitties used to be cute. Now I must destroy you.
Love, ROFLDog
by Koliedrus March 23, 2008
Served at 1337 barbecues.
Person 1: Look! That's TEH Market!
Person 2: Cool, do they sell Rofldogs for my OMGWTFBBQ?
by naio21 April 17, 2007
A dog that thinks it is good enough to wear human clothing
Guy1: "My god is it raining again?"
Guy2: "No just rofldogs are being pelted at my window"
by Mat Paget March 27, 2007
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