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1. The act of police stress reduction through judicious brutal beating of patsy in order to alleviate the need to abuse wife, ,mother-in-law, child, dog, cat, neighbor, secret boyfriend or self upon arrival home after shift.

3. Taking advantage of one of the hidden perks of being a policeman, ie. "We can do this because we are police and can and you cannot."
1. Officer O'Flaherty thoroughly Rodney Kinged two suspicious innocent teen-agers who refused to comply with his whimsical dominant demands.

2. I was glad to be Rodney Kinged by the fine officer of the law so that his family and neighbors would be safe when he returned home.
by Diogio Rome November 03, 2007
to recieve an "ass kickin'" after a police pursuit. either on foot or in a vehicle
"WHEN" we catch that guy, he's gonna get "rodney kinged"!!!
by carl June 29, 2003
The act of beating the living shit out of some fucking idiot who desperately deserves it.
I Rodney Kinged that fucking asshole at the bar last night for being an obnoxious drunk.
by Maxwell July 16, 2004
victim of police brutality
shit dawg, that nigga got rodney kinged
by Fuckshit December 10, 2003
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