Rod-ge rahd-je

1. when you go to an all-you-can eat sushi lunch, and get bribed $20 to eat a spoonful of wasabi, and then eat 2L of vanilla ice cream, resulting in a spew of white and green vomit all over the table and your lap.

2. the Dumb Fucking Frosh (DFF) that did this.
Man, did you see that kid at the sushi place today? He definitely just pulled a Rodge.
by Sailor Poon April 14, 2013
Top Definition
This term was derived from the name/term "Roger" and is not only a term for masturbation but it is also a term used to express's one's feelings of frustration and/or excitement and/or other emotion. Can be used as a noun/verb/adjective.
"I like to rodge."

"Oh my rodge!"

"I got rodged on!"

"What the rodge?"

"Fucking rodge!"

"Did you just have a little rodge?"

"I rodge every night."

"Hey! Don't rodge in public!"

"I feel tired. I rodged about 50 times yesterday."
by RodgeDodge September 19, 2009
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