When the male jizzes on the females face (white marshmellow), defecates on their face (chocolate) and then pops her pussy red pimples (strawberry marshmellow)to create a mixture of colours, making the face resemble a rocky road.
James left a rocky road on Phoebe's face, which looked nice, but smelt disgusting.
by Andrew Scragg October 20, 2006
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When a guy shits in a girl's mouth, then cums on it and rests his nut sack on top
My girlfriend likes to eat shit so I gave her a Rocky Road.
by filthy pirate hooker January 16, 2010
a sexual maneuver in which one accidently corn holes his bro in the dark while making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with the crust cut off on your girlfriend.
Bro, what are you doing, that's my ass, not hers, and now that you know, why are you still Rocky Roading me??!!!
by Mickey Darling August 02, 2009
a rectum full of pooh - appreciated by some people who enjoy anal sex
"he groaned as he rode the rocky road"
by Spycho August 04, 2003
The Act Of One partner sucking the Kindey stone out of the Man's urethra and inserting it into the Anus
Girl: Last Night I gave Nate a "Rocky Road."
Boy: Did it hurt?
Girl: Yeah, I sucked too hard and the stone went down my throat, I almost choked!
by Alessandro06121999 June 16, 2011
After performing extremely rough and dirty anal sex on a girl who ate peanuts the day before, the man goes from ass to mouth, inserting his shit stained penis inside the girls mouth until he blows his load. The resulting mixture of shit (chocolate ice cream with peanuts) and semen (marshmellow swirls) seemingly appears, but does not taste like Rocky Road ice cream.
I was so excited to see that Kayce ate peanuts the day before, my ass to mouth move resulted in a fantastic looking Rocky Road!

"You give them Redcoats hell, and you give their women Rocky Road." -- George Washington
by BeansWitBacon December 26, 2009
A lumpy penis tip, almost as if there rocks all over it.
Girl- whys your dick all lumpy
Boy- i got a rocky road baby,
by DBOriginalProduction February 01, 2011
1. To have diarrhea while doing anal, and still continuing to do anal
2. taking a shit in a Ben and Jerseys
dude 1: did you hear about Thomas
dude 2: no, what about him
dude 1: he was fuckin his bitch you know, then all of the sudden she began to Rocky Road all over his dick,

dude 2: sick!
dude one: he even still continued
dude 2: that's disgusting.
by wiggly dick October 11, 2014

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