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1) In short, Rocky Mount is what happens when people have sex with their siblings/cousins.

2) It is a very otherworldly place, where everyone is busy trying to live up to unrealistic personal fantasies that take place in their heads. The main objective is to be seen living out this fantasy to build a reputation with their peers. They tend to jizz their pants every time someone sees them/makes eye contact with them. Some people are insecure about it, and start fights (chest bumping) over eye contact.

3) Everyone fits their race's stereotypes perfectly. The sad thing is, they actually TRY to. It's not because they don't know any better.

4) Everyone is apparently "indian"...however, so many black people have said this that oblivious white people think "indian" is just a breed of black. You ask someone their race, they start babbling off all kinds of demonyms. That just makes them look more niggerish.

5) The girls are more or less on the trashy side. They claim to have standards, a month later they're preggers or hitched up with someone who doesn't meet their "standards". If you happen to desire action with a girl there, don't let her fool you, she has no standards, she will drop to her knees and start sucking if addressed by proper name.
1) Uncle Dad and Aunt Mom give birth to a town full of delusional rat bastards.

2) Last time I went to the sporting goods store, all the boxing/mma gloves were out of stock. There are NO mma gyms in Rocky Mount, NC, so this tells me that a bunch of these dumb fucks just want to be seen with gear to develop a rep as a bad-ass. To them, owning a pair of gloves= instant Mike Tyson status.


4) Obviously black person: "I'm indian, italian, french, brazilian, spanish, egyptian, puerto rican, and spanish"

5) All girls 18 and under with a 252 area code.
by Scustin Timberlake March 20, 2010
The city on the rise a.k.a a place where horror flicks are filmed.
Have you ever been to rocky mount, nc? No? Keep it that way!
by Dickie83 July 10, 2008
A dystopia located in Nash and Edgecombe counties in North Carolina. The Nash side sucks and the Edgecombe side blows. There is nothing to do except eat and go to WalMart. The unemployment rate is 13%. The few jobs that are available are fast food, retail, and temp jobs, all with no benefits. Everybody hates living there. The Chamber of Commerce is forever coming up with these so-called revitalization projects, but the best thing to do to Rocky Mount is to bulldoze it.
shithole, redneck, thug, wasteland, Rocky Mount, NC
by BrownTrout64 January 04, 2011

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