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A mixed drink... usually two parts Rockstar energy cola and one part The Kraken rum.

Similar to a the much more common rum and coke, more specifically, the Captain and coke.

The Kraken rum is a touch stronger, a bit darker, and the Rockstar Energy Cola has increased caffeine presence, thus similar to the effects of a jagerbomb.
Person a: Why's it called a rocktopus? Isn't a kraken a giant squid?!?
Person b: Yeah... I heard that... ever had a night full of them, though?
Person a: No...
Person b: Well... try it. You won't ask such big questions then.
Person a: It'd be rocktopi, plural, right?

Person b: Yeah... sounds like a Pokemon...
by E. B. DeKalb July 27, 2011
A indie rock band from Portland, ME. They are led by Spencer Albee.
Listens to good music 1: "Dude, have you bought that new Rocktopus album."
Listens to good music 2:"Yeah, exceptionaly premium."
by Not Zach V. April 04, 2005
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