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When a bare breasted girl bends over and her tits get really long as all the weight falls to the end. It resembles rocks in tube socks held at the top
Yo Brian, one of them bitches that was naked in the hot tub the other night bent over to get her flip flops and her titties hung down like rocks in tube socks. Thought them titties was gonna hit the ground.
by Mill-na July 09, 2009
heavy, droopy breasts. see "beagle ears"
Your mom used to have a nice rack, but now she's got a rocks in tube socks thing going on there.
by mintypickle May 10, 2005
having crack cocaine hidden in your tube socks
person 1: wheres dem rocks at nigga?
person 2: the rocks in tube socks, mayne.
by ghetty greg April 27, 2006
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