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As in 'Rockport Boys', people that wear Rockports with sports clothes.
'i see adidas pants and rockports'
'here come the Rockport boys'
by xena April 15, 2003
A big black hole. You may try to leave all you want, but will always come back..........Fuck
Her vagina is a rockport......
by Georgeanderson January 22, 2009
Rockport a shoe/boot that is low quality compared to Timberlands. A Favourite piece off footwear for the horny housewifes
Jim: Whats that you are wearing on your feet Shirley? Timberlands/ Pods?

Shirley: No Jim!! There Rockports! They are epic!! I can now do the Gardening and clean the cell!

Jim: Delighted meals all round
by Mackers09 October 26, 2009
a place that sucks
i would hate to live in Rockport
by sillymaniscus February 10, 2009