Rockport is a very small town in Massachusetts. If you drive by the public school system after hours, you tend to see packs of slutty girls loitering with their tight jeans, logo shirts, and smacking on their gum. Also, it's most likley that huge hoop earrings will dangle from their ears, and their hair will be up high in either a bun or a ponytail. The guys will be sitting on mountain bikes, surrounding the girls, with clothes so baggy they almost get caught in the chains of the bikes. Most of the kids will go home to see their dad (most likley a carpenter) and their mom (most likley un-employed)have dinner, do homework, then go to bed, and in the morning start their cycle up again. Most of the shops in the town sell cheesey souvinear t-shirts, and little trinkets one could never need, with the exception of a few shops. In the summer time if you plan to go to the beach there, front beach is not the place to go. Arrive on a hot summer day, and you'll be surrounded by sweaty, overweight tourists trying to get tan, and also you'll see trash lying around everywhere you look.
"Lets go to Rockport, MA for Christmas mom!"
"No honey, it's pointless because half the stores are closed. We'll go in the summer when there is actually life in the town."
by im from rockport December 16, 2006
Top Definition
A shitty town that is by the ocean. Many people think the town is infested with nasty rich guys but the those assholes only live there in the summer. The town has a boring history. The only interesting part is bear skin neck. Which is a crappy string of stores. 95% of all the stores are galleries and 100% of those all have unoriginal drawings of the towns famous Motif #1.( Even though it's the second one but the town thought that if it was called #2 people would ask what happened to the first one. There are a lot of hot girls there but they are all jail bait cause any one with a brain would leave the hell hole in one second. Every one over age 30 in the town is probably training to be a townie. Townies are old hags whose dads dads dads settled here in who the fuck knows when. The school system is smaller than the amount of people with internet in North Korea. The town has about 3 ice cream stores with nothing original about them each are about 4 yards away. The crime rate is high but only because the police have nothing better to do. And will only arrest teens who get caught smoking in the school for the 500th time! The way the kids get the drugs is from the wanna be Lynn known as Gloucester which every one there thinks every one here is a rich snotty ass fucking taint scrubber. The view is nice (and the only reason to come here) But the water is cold year round at the beaches. The quarry's are to hard to get into and are full of slutty tweens.
Rockport, MA kind of like any small town in the world with a shitty twist! its near the water!
by The swift willy December 20, 2011
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